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Our facility carries its own research and development wing which along with trying to innovate cultivation and harvesting process continually, are also looking into the characteristics of the products that we process. The significant factors that speak of the quality of rice are grain length, stickiness, texture, flavour and aroma. Asian varieties of rice fall under two broad categories; the ‘indica’ or long grain rice and ‘japonica’ or short grain rice. While the grain length and stickiness is genetic and depends on the cultivation conditions, post-processing influences the colour of the rice, aroma and flavour. Also, a critical parameter is the ratio of broken rice produced at milling which has to be minimum, which is an attribute of delicious rice. Lab testing is done on random sample sizes to detect anomalies or quality degradation.


Once the rice is harvested and brought to our mills, the post-processing begins. With the vast quantities of rice being processed every day, modernisation and technological intervention are inevitable to keep the production processes going to meet the ever-increasing demand as well as maintain the business profitably. We have changed machines, technicians and workflow orientation through the years to keep in pace with the changing technologies that make the processes simpler, more comfortable as well as make the end product of better quality and ensure more standards of safety at each step. We have well-trained staff who maintain the machines and keep a keen eye on the processes and addresses any malfunction or imbalance then and there. Quality checks and safety regulations are tightly followed around the shop floor.

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